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Deep Questions with Chase Thompson:

Jun 30, 2021

In today's passage, the prophet Zechariah looks into the future and sees the last days. It will be a great day for Israel and a terrible day. He sees destruction and calamity coming, but also God's deliverance and living water flowing out of the city. Wha

Jun 29, 2021

The genealogies or birth records of Jesus in Matthew and Luke are different in some places. Is this evidence of possible errors in the Bible? Also - all about John's proclamation that Jesus separates people with his winnowing fork - what is that all about?!

Jun 28, 2021

Luke 2 tells an amazing story - all about Jesus, the Son of God, being born to a virgin and having His birth announced by a choir of angels to a group of cowering shepherds. Could such events actually be real and factual? How can we possibly know whether or not the story of Christmas is genuine?

Jun 27, 2021

In Luke 1, a priest is struck unable to speak, because he did not believe the prophecy of the angel Gabriel. Once this priest is enabled to speak again, he gives a powerful prophecy himself about the coming of Jesus, and why He came: To shine light into the darkness. How does Jesus do this?

Jun 27, 2021

Some have charged that the Bible encourages racism and even slavery. When reading the Bible, however, one finds a different story: man-stealing is punishable by death, and Paul encourages those in servitude to get free and masters to give up their servants. Today we discuss slavery and the Bible