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Deep Questions with Chase Thompson:

Aug 31, 2021

Today we discuss what the Bible teaches about giving - how giving under compulsion is not allowed - and also discuss the difference between tithing and giving. Does the New Testament command Christians to tithe?

Aug 30, 2021

Today we discuss how God uses regular old humans to comfort the downcast + a life or death difference between Godly sorrow and worldly sorrow. One leads to life and salvation, the other leads to death!

Aug 29, 2021

Today's passage has one of the most quoted Scriptural commands: Do not be unequally yoked. But what does Paul mean here? Is he forbidding marriage? Business partnership? Today we explore this command and also discuss the best four word description of a Christian.

Aug 28, 2021

Tough but important topic today: What happens to a Christian immediately after death? What kind of body will a Christian ultimately have - a brand new body, a resurrected old body, or somewhere in between?

Aug 27, 2021

Seminary can be tough, but Paul has advice today for pastors and church leaders that helps to avoid frustration + the privilege and humility of being clay pots.